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Musk, floral, honeysuckle, acacia, orange blossom. —Yarra Yering

Carrodus Viognier

Contrary to wide-held belief, viognier CAN age, particularly when winemaking addresses its varietal peculiarities rather than applying a blanket approach across the full white variety spectrum. Plays to the strengths of the variety, chasing ethereality, headiness, “gras” and glycerol richness combined with a freshness and focus. Line and length come not from acidity but from phenolics, glycerol and the varieties own inherent bitterness (can we say this, it is a positive in this case). Aims to be a benchmark example of its type. Musk, floral, honeysuckle, acacia, orange blossom. Please contact the vineyard on 03 5964 9267 to purchase Viognier.

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Carrodus Viognier 2010

$162.00 per bottle